St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Directory
402 Freeman St., Anna, IL 62906

Mass Schedule
Mon/Thurs/Fri...8:30 am

Tue.................8 am

Wed................6 pm

Sat..................5 pm

Sun.................7:30 am,  10:00  am

Holy Days.........7 a.m. & 7 p.m. 

Christmas Eve - 5:00 pm, 9:00 pm (carols at 8:30 pm)

Christmas Day- 9:00 am

Easter - 
Parish Staff:
Father Federico Higuera - or 833-3131

Holly Wohlwend - or   697-0947 , Office Hours - Wed. 9 am - 12 pm

Sarah Trainor -  Youth Director 967-2416
Secretary, Connie Shipley - or 833-5835

Office Hours: Tue, Wed, Thurs 9 am- 3 pm

Reconciliation: Saturdays 4 p.m. or by appointment


Weekend News Bulletin: Deadline - Wednesday 12 pm (office)

News From the Pews Insert: Deadline - Thursday 12 pm (Mary Ann Stout - or 697-0844)

RCIA: Wednesdays 7 pm - Sept through May

Parish Council
Ryan Hannon, President, 697-5679

Susan Scheffer , Vice President (Worship and Spirituality)

Jennie Kacinski , Secretary 

Mary Ann Stout,  (Social)

Paul Cairatti  (Social Outreach) (Education)

Doug Vaughn, (Building & Grounds) 

Larry Carter, Trustee

Cathy Belcher, Trustee


Finance Committee

Larry Lovell 833-3700

Nancy Wellborn

Holly Wohlwend 697-0947

Susan Belcher 697-6460

Paul Trainor 534-5990

John Foley 

Ryan Hannon 697-5679

Larry Carter      201-3003

Cathy Belcher   697-2802

Youth Director

Sarah Trainor 967-2416               


PSR Teachers

Pre-K                               Nichole Fulkerson (847) 732-4097

Kindergarten                    Terrie Hale 697-1545 / Bill Britt 833-4989

First Grade                       Ryan/Ashley Hannan 697-5679

Second Grade                   

Third/Fourth Grades         Jerri Schaefer 697-2804          

Fifth/Sixth Grades            Jennie Kacinski 985-1816

Seventh/Eighth Grades     

High School                      Karl Sweitzer, III, 


Adult Bible Study 

Between masses on Sunday mornings. 8:30 - 9:45 in the Parish Library. 


Adult Bible study  will be available in the evenings this fall and spring. 


Knights of Columbus


Parish Hall Rental
Ashley Hannon - 697-5679


Divine Mercy
Liz Mandeville 573-225-0816

Christmas Charities
Liz Mandeville 573-225-0816

Jr. High Youth Group
Jerri Schaefer - 697-2804

Sweet Treats
Jill Treece 697-3595

Christmas Eve Mass
Sarah Trainor 967-2416

Funeral Mass Liturgy
Mary Beth Hileman 833-5274

Funeral Mass Dinners
Church Secretary 833-5835

Child Protection
Jennifer Helman 604-0492

Landscaping/ Beautification

Trevor Kell 402-499-7499

Ladies of St. Mary's
Jerri Schaefer 697-2804


Rosary Devotion
Susan Sherwin 697-9302

Vacation Bible School
Sarah Trainor 967-2416

Adult Ed/Bible Study
Holly Wohlwend 697-0947 

Jackie Beatty 

Ministerial Alliance
Holly Wohlwend 697-0947

Susan Sheffer 559-9683

Parish Missions
Amy Ulrich 827-3979

Relay for Life
Nancy Herbert 893-4472

Building & Grounds Committee
David Smiley (Committee Chair)

Doug Vaughn
Trevor Kell
Byron Dodd
Mike Coad

Nick Schaefer

Prayer Line
Diane Lovell 833-3700

Liz Moore 833-8475

Please contact us if you can offer your time & talents to any of these areas.